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Commercial Cleaning

Living Green provides you with the quality cleaning you desire in your office, with the reliability, trust, and thoughtfulness you expect from your own employees. Living Green provides peace of mind to know that your office is clean and cleaned right. Why struggle with suboptimal services any longer.

Plant Care

Living Green provides beautiful interior plants and trees with a wide variety of decorative planters. Our full plant service provides you with a uniformed plant health manager who has been trained by a licensed horticulturist. As part of our plant maintenance, your interior plants will be watered, cleaned, rotated, and fertilized, not leaving a leaf unturned. Making your space beautiful!

Fish Care

Aquarium Services: Our staff is ready to care for all your fish, fish tank and interior fish pond needs. We offer service packages that fit your water feature needs. Living Green’s staff cares for water features in hotels, nursing homes, residential homes and businesses. Wherever a fish is in need, we can help. We specialize in marine and freshwater aquarium design, installation and maintenance.

Handy Man

Living Green Commercial Cleaning provides ‘handy man’ services to our clients and customers. Our maintenance service is a one-call service that can cover a wide range of services. Sheet rock repair, painting, finish work, decorating, roofing repairs, debris removal, electrical, plumbing, flooring, – if it’s broke we can fix it. From offices to preparing a house to sell, we cover it all.

reasons to clean

We strive to provide a clean and healthy working environment
  • cleanliness

    96% of people will avoid returning to a buisness if the restrooms were dirty

  • illness

    80% reduced probability of catching a cold or the flu

  • germaphobe

    62% of surfaces contaminated with viruses reduced

  • "i can't make it in"

    46% reduced absinteeism due to a cold or the flu

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